A rural heritage

  • Home of the Living Traditional Crafts in ARGOL
  • The habitats of the old peasant fishermen ROSTUDEL and ROSTELLEC
  • Wind, water and tide mills (Morgat, Aber, Argol)
  • Fruit pastes (LANDEVENNEC), cider (TELGRUC, ARGOL), honey...

History and modernity

  • the fortifications of Vauban: Pointe des Espagnols, the Fort des Capucins...
  • Notre Dame de Rocamadour Chapel CAMARET listed as UNESCO heritage building
  • the "Penty" traditional local habitat
  • Boat cemetery on the AULNE MARITIME
  • Nantes-Brest Canal
  • Térénez Bridge (first curved cable-stayed bridge in Europe)
  • The Maison des Minéraux ST HERNOT

Living Breton culture

  • On Tuesdays in Morgat: free musical entertainment (July and August)
  • Musical Mondays in Camaret
  • Every Wednesday in Morgat "Introduction to Breton Dancing"
  • July: Troménie de LOCRONAN
  • July 2016 Cornouaille Festival
  • From 13 to 19 July 2016: "BREST 2016" Tall Ships Festival
  • From 14 to 17 July 2016 Vieilles Charrues Festival in CARHAIX
  • 1st weekend in August: The Festival du Bout du Monde CROZON
  • Mid-August: Menez Hom Festival PLOMODIERN