The wild and light Crozon peninsula


An unmissable resort not only because of its historical heritage (forts, dolmens), its villages full of character (Rostudel, Keravel...), its natural heritage sites, but also for its south-facing aspect.

For lovers of nature and beauty.

75 miles of coastline!!! In the shape of a cross, surrounded by sea.

To the north, Brest Bay, to the west the Iroise Sea, to the south, Douarnenez Bay. To the east, at the entrance to the peninsula, the Menez Hom, 1000 ft above sea level at the top of the South Cornouaille

With an exceptional geological wealth, the Crozon Peninsula is an open air museum and listed as one of "Brittany's outstanding areas"

An extraordinary playground

Where else besides on the Crozon Peninsula could you find a natural area with such a variety of activities marrying water, air and rocks?

On LAND: hiking trails (GR 34, PR), MTB (marked trails, green way), horse riding.
IN THE SEA: swimming, sea wading, diving, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing, stand up paddle surfing, fishing, safe family beaches
Between the GROUND and the SEA: climbing, land sailing, on-foot fishing, surf fishing... in the AIR: paragliding
in the AIR: paragliding
"OFFSHORE" the Iles de Ponant: "right where the sun sets".

The theatre of nature

On the programme: "luxury, calm, voluptuous"; "stripping down, storms, hardness"

Looking along the coast, you will not cease to be moved by so much beauty coming together in such a small area. Ever-changing countrysides to take your breath away.

  • The Cap de la Chèvre: the ideal runway for your imagination to take off
  • On l'Ile Vierge, the Crozon Peninsula conjures up tropics:
  • The beaches of Lostmarc'h, la Palue, surf spots
  • The Pointe de Dinan with the allure of a fortress which has survived the ravages of time.
  • The Aulne Maritime and its promontories bring to mind some landscapes of the Rhine
  • The Pointe de Pen Hir and the Tas de Pois with their dizzying peaks dominating the Iroise Sea, a cradle for sea cliff climbing
  • The sacred Menez Hom mountain: a unique view to rave about...
  • SEIN - OUESSANT - MOLENE islands which are at the same time soft, harsh, austere, smiling